Autism Planner Workbook


It’s hard to keep track of all the things that matter when it comes to raising kids with autism.

There’s therapy appointments and meetings to keep track of. Then there’s behaviors you might need to be tracking, goals you need to be setting and working towards, sensory needs to be met, and well…the list just goes on and on.

It gets a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it?

The Autism Planner Workbook makes it easy to keep track of all of that in one spot. It acts as a journal to document your child’s progress for an entire year and is an ideal resource to use when sharing information with professionals and educators who work with your child. It is designed to help simplify your busy life by keeping everything together in one place.

You can either print out your own copy as you go or grab a print version instead to save you the hassle of printing it off.


The Autism Planner Workbook is intended for parents of children with autism and/or sensory issues. It is a blank planner to keep track of sensory activities, appointments, meetings, social goals, speech goals, and more! In this workbook you will find:

  • Two pages per week dedicated to planning out your child’s week
  • Sections dedicated to recording what goals you would like to focus on during the week with your child, including social skills, speech and communication skills, and sensory goals
  • Section dedicated to planning out some activities to try with your child during the week, organized by sensory categories, and includes spots for social skills and speech/language activities
  • Section dedicated to keeping track of all those appointments and meetings coming up during the week
  • Sections dedicated to reflecting on the past week where challenges, successes, and milestones can be recorded
By the end of the year, you will have a comprehensive book of documentation on your child’s progress that can be shared with therapists, doctors, psychologists, teachers, and other support staff.



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