Black Friday Sensory Extravaganza!


What comes in the bundle:

  • Sensory Activities Demonstration Video Library (6 month BETA membership to an ever growing resources. Be the first to join and give your feedback on what activities we record next!) $60
  • The Care Givers Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder (A Customizable Printable Brochure) $8
  • 75+ Printable Sensory Activities Cards (Includes fun graphics for pre-readers) $10
  • 10 Sensory FAQs with Julie (Recordings of Live Videos) $30
  • Sensory Foundations Mini E-Course (Discover the “Science” behind the sensory behavior, learn the lingo, and start seeing the world through a sensory lens!) $75 * This is a small part of the primary E-Course Sensory Parenting 101. Sensory Foundations includes 7 essential lessons and 6 printables from within that larger course. *


These resources, if you bought them individually, would add up to $173. But for Black Friday through Cyber Monday, you can get them all for the crazy price of $16.99. Over 90% off!



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