Everyday Sensory Play Ebook: 600+ Easy Ways to Give Kids the Sensory Input They Crave




This eBook is intended for parents and educators who work with children with sensory issues and/or autism. It lists over 600+ everyday sensory activities designed to give your children the right sensory input that they want and need.


  • 600+ easy sensory activities that you can implement today
  • Activities sorted by category (oral, auditory, tactile, proprioceptive, vestibular, olfactory, visual) to make it even easier to find the right activities for your child
  • 25+ sensory play tips and strategies
  • Huge list of calming heavy work suggestions, sorted into home activities and school activities
  • Each page works as a printable cheat sheet that you can hang up and keep handy at all times

Julie is a frazzled mom of three tornadoes. As a dorky second-generation homeschooler, she writes about learning and play, natural living, special needs parenting and matters of the heart. She serves an astounding God that radically saved her.

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